Company profile

Arredamenti Cignini since over Seventy years with the artisan passion typical of the family's firm deals with furnishing's collection completely MADE IN ITALY, from its design to its realization.

The productive process starts from the first matters (iron and wood), passes through the painting process till the assemblage allowing greater control of the quality in every working phase.

A personalized product that always complies to accurate respect of nature thoroughly fulfil sand it answers totally to Europeans regulations. Today Cignini furnishings offers two brands of sales: "Edi design living and contract" for contract and private sector, and, "Community, School and Office" for community, offices and schools.

It's presented in more than 30 countries and with professionality can satisfy every functional exigency exalting the aesthetic taste.

Collection living & contrac

A design that becomes protagonist of the collection.

Design where the purity of the lines are combined with practicality, inserting with harmony in every ambient where architects and designer can personalize the products.

Chairs, stools and tables with painted, chrome, satined chrome and stainless frames proposed in different typologies. Seats and backs with different shapes. Shells that canbe covered with multiple variations of material: leather, fabric, laminate and plastic, to satisfy every taste.

ARREDAMENTI CIGNINI - Via Urbignacco 53, 33030 Buia (UD) - Italy